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father Zen son

"Zen and the art of survival"

Because Zen can really only be “lived”, is talking or writing about it pointless?
The meaning of “Zen, as a way of being” becomes clearer when a father and his son spend twenty-four hours together, as naturists. Alone, in a spectacular mountain river valley, and fully exposed to nature, they focus on the boy’s question:
“What is life all about? if I could die at eighteen, in the middle of a conversation, like my friend last night”.As their conversation develops, and the essence of the surrounding nature is explored, the son’s perceptions begin to expand. In a series of flashbacks, this father also uses facts and experiences from his own life to help his son through an almost organic process of increasing awareness.
During this unusual initiation, the boy’s attitude evolves from a level of relative ignorance towards a higher level of consciousness and self-knowledge. As he discovers his own, relevant, answers to his question the reader can join him on his path towards enlightenment.
Hace’s starting point is that only a lack of knowledge, self knowledge, really threatens us. Phenomena around us are a result, not a cause.
Social and environmental problems in the world around us can only be solved by changes within, not just by external actions.
“father Zen son – a survival guide that goes beyond personal convictions; beyond religious belief systems – will be your present for life.