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A book has to be seen and read to get a good impression of it. Some books even several times. By doing so, purchase of the book can be considered. The e-book is offering this possibility at half the price of the book .This also is giving the option to order the printed edition for (the other) half of the price by mentioning the invoice number with the order. The e-book, fully illustrated, reduces the risk of a regrettable investment.

Ontology, 125 pages, with 12 black & white illustrations.
Costs in print and free of charge at home, € 12,50. For sending to addresses outside the European Union there will be an additional contribution of € 3,- in the shipping costs.
To receive as an e-book-pdf; € 6,50.

Yes, I buy the printed book for € 12,50.
Or I buy the e-book for € 6,50.



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