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"Who wants the good without the evil,
right without wrong,
order without disorder,
proofs to understand nothing of the laws of the universe?
This one dreams of a heaven without earth,
Yang without Yin,
the positive without the negative."

Tchouang Tse


The knowledge to exist in wholeness


"Ontology - as factual knowledge about existing, of being - makes it possible to develop an awareness of how to exist in wholeness. In that sense, Ontology can be considered to be the religion of reality, exclusively based upon the undeniable fact of duality.
This goes beyond, or passes by, the religions that are based solely on faith and dogma's. A self-developed awareness of wholeness makes us free. It liberates us from illusions and from the idea that there is an obligation to deliver services of any kind to whatever gods we believe in".

"Once this happens, we can see that religions are completely redundant".That we continuously are making choices, we usually overlook completely. When we choose, our choice is based upon information and a judgment of it. But how (not) complete is that information and where from arises a pre-occupation?
If our judgment about that information is coloured because a pre-occupation then a correct decision will not be made. Unimportant completeness or reliability of the information. In the same way, a clear judgment based on not complete and/or unreliable information will not lead to a right decision. How can we be sure about the quality of our information and its source?" Where do our pre-dispositions come from?
And how can we correct them?


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